What kind of warranty will you provide me if you repair my vehicle?

All repairs completed by ABC Collision Repair Center come with a limited lifetime warranty. All workmanship and application of paint are guaranteed against failure for as long as you own your vehicle. Parts are subject to their manufacturer's individual warranties and can differ.

How long does the average repair take?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as an average repair. All repair times are based on the individual job, length of time to procure parts and labor hours on the estimate.

Will you be using the paint made by my manufacturer?

There is no such thing as Honda paint, Nissan paint or BMW paint as an example. When your vehicle was assembled at the factory, your vehicle manufacturer applied a paint that was sold to them in bulk by one of the large paint suppliers (i.e. PPG, BASF, Dupont, Sherman Williams, Sikkens). It was whoever was selling them the paint at the best price at that time. We utilize PPG refinish products in our facility, and this brand carries a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in the materials for as long as you own your vehicle.

Do I have to pay my deductible when I drop my car off for repairs?

No, your deductible will be due once our services have been rendered, at the time of completed vehicle delivery.

The other shop said that they would waive my deductible, will you?

No, unfortunately we are unable to waive a customer's insurance deductible due to the fact that it can be considered a form of insurance fraud. Most shops that offer the waiver of insurance deductibles have to compromise some portion of the repair process, in order to cover that cost while still maintaining a profit margin.

I have "Full coverage" from my insurance company, so that means I should have rental car coverage too, right?

Not always, it is always a good practice to contact you insurance agent and make certain that you have (loss of use coverage) as part of your policy. Rental car coverage is not always offered as part of full coverage and most people find out they don't have the coverage, after they have had an accident.

Can I make payments on my deductible?

Yes, but we are unable to release the vehicle until the full amount is received for services rendered.

Can you file the claim for me?

Because the claim handler will need specific information about the accident, we are unable to handle that portion of your insurance claim. Once you have done so, we are able to handle all aspects of the insurance company claims process from there on.

How will I be kept informed of my vehicle repair status?

While nothing replaces a proper phone call with information to a client, sometimes our client's schedules don't allow them time to take too many phone calls. If we are unable to reach you by phone with an update, a message will be left, but if we have your e-mail address our online repair tracker will e-mail you every time your vehicle advances in the repair process. You also have 24 hour access to our repair tracker by logging onto www.myrepairtracker.com or using the quick link from our homepage.

Do you have rentals there on the property?

Yes! We also have an Enterprise Rent-a-Car desk in our office as well. Both have the ability to setup direct billing with your insurance company.

Will your facility report my vehicle repair to carfax?

NO. Our customer information is kept confidential and the only people who have access to your client information are body shop front office staff. Carfax gets most of its information from public record, ie. If there is a police report completed during your collision.

Do I have to take my car to where my insurance company tells me to, or can I bring my vehicle to ABC Collision Center?

It is illegal for an insurance company to "steer" a customer to a certain shop, they can recommend a shop, but at the end of the day you as the vehicle owner have a right to have your vehicle fixed wherever you see fit. We work with all insurance companies no matter the size.


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